"Pausenbrote" - SANDWICHES

Cash or „EC“ cards (from 10 €)
No kind of credit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS etc.)

Our sandwiches are large, richly topped organic bread slices made from rich sourdough. These are served toasted in olive oil. We like to do without artificial nonsense and love the homemade. Regionality and fair cooperation with family farms are important to us. We do almost completely without meat and replace this with nice alternatives, free of any additives.

„Der Langschläfer“ 
Organic omelet, tomato jam, pickles, dip, 
gratinated mild cheddar cheese 

with vegan bacon
with avocado dip

+ 2.5 each

„Der Einserkandidat“ 
Peanut butter, tomato jam, onion chutney, romaine, vegan bacon, gratineted mild cheddar cheese 

I am also available completely vegan + 2.5

„Der Austauschschüler“
Tomato jam, mozzarella, wild arugula, olive oil,
coarse pepper 

„Der Freischwimmer“ 
Tuna spread with apple pieces, wild arugula, balsamic vinegar, capers 

„Der Referendar“
Avocado dip, mozzarella, apple, wild arugula, olive oil,
organic cashew nuts

with 2 organic fried eggs + 3

„Der Direktor“
Roast beef cooked in its own oven, dip, romaine,
olive oil, sea salt, coarse pepper, bread crunch


with 2 organic fried eggs + 3

All our sandwiches also available gluten free + 2.5

Extras for the sandwiches
sandwich dip +1.5
Avocado or tuna dip | vegan bacon | cheddar +2.5 each
Organic omelette or organic fried eggs extra on sandwich +3


„Die Doppelstunde“
The three-tiered etagere shows our favorite bread, Der Langschläfer, and Der Freischwimmer or Austauschschüler.
The sandwiches can be nicely shared among themselves.

In addition, there is something sweet from the bakery.
From 2 people possible and also suitable for groups.

Per person -14-

„Der Leistungskurs“
So lovingly arranged on a three-tier etagere as the Doppelstunde.
In addition to our Langschläfer, we offer here the Direktor with.

Surcharge per person + 2.5

The etagere are calculated per person. Place setting extra +4.5

from the bakery

The favorite from the bakery

Warm Cinnamon Bun, salted caramel, Crunch

with Topping -7-

Warm porridge (vegan) 
Oat milk, fresh fruits, cherry compote, organic chia seeds

with organic cashew nuts + 1.5

Baked in a jar
Grandma’s warm caramelized apple nut crumble (vegan)
with cherry compote

Special Drinks

Homemade lemonades
Large, low in sugar and freshly prepared.
Varieties: Lemon-Lime, Pink Grapefruit or Elderberry.

Cappuccino Brûlée
A cappuccino with caramelized milk foam top burned off like a creme brûlée.


Black Coffee -2.9-
Big Black Coffee -4.9-

Cappuccino -3.3-
Flat White -3.8-
White Coffee -3.8-
Latte Macchiato -3.8-

Espresso -3.3-
Espresso Affogato with vanilla ice cream -4.3-

Cappuccino Brûlée -3.8-

Iced Americano (iced long espresso with ice cubes) -3.8-
Iced Latte (iced Latte Macchiato) -3.8- 
Big coffee with vanilla ice cream ans salted caramel -6-

NO Coffee

Pink Superfood Latte -4.2-
Goji and acai berry, cinnamon, beet, ginger, cardamom

Chai Tea Latte -3.9-

Organic tea in bag
in the large cup black, green, spice or fruit -3.5-

Fresh mint ginger lemon tea -4.2-
Hot lemonade with lemon and mint -4.2-

Organic Hot Chocolate -3.8-

Children’s Cappuccino -2.3-

Coca Cola -2.8-
Coca Cola Zero -2.8-
Water sparkling or still 300 ml -3- / Bottle 700 ml -5.9-
Juice or juice spritzer 300 ml -4.6-

Homemade lemonades 400 ml -4-

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